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It’s vital for children to start seeing a dentist early on to develop good oral hygiene habits, but a visit to the dentist isn’t easy for all children. At Ashley Smile Dental, Dr. Winifred Dike provides high-quality dental care to children of all ages. Everything in the Houston, Texas office is designed to make children more comfortable in the chair, from the decorations to the uniquely designed equipment. To learn more about how your child can benefit from a skilled dentist like Dr. Dike, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Children's Dentistry

What is children’s dentistry?

Children’s dentistry caters to the varied oral health needs of children, all the way through to their teen years. Caring for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth at an early age is vital to guard against decay and tooth loss.

A critical component of children’s dentistry involves making visits to the office fun instead of intimidating by including colorful, pleasant decorations, using specially designed dental instruments, and teaching proper oral hygiene with games.

What types of services fall under children’s dentistry?

Several crucial oral health care services fall under children’s dentistry, including:

Preventive dental care

This part of children’s dentistry typically includes infant oral health exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and guidance regarding nutrition and diet.

Habit counseling

Dr. Dike provides advice for weaning your child off bad habits that affect their oral health, such as thumb sucking and pacifier use.

Straightening teeth

Dr. Dike tracks and assesses the alignment of your child’s teeth and can intervene to correct an improper bite.

Management of gum disease

This refers to monitoring the health of your child’s gums and can detect gum disease early on when it’s easiest to treat. They can also diagnose and manage other associated conditions, like ulcers and periodontal disease.

Treating dental injuries

Children’s dentistry also involves caring for dental injuries, such as loose or fractured teeth.

If necessary, Dr. Dike uses perfectly safe sedation to make your child feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

How do kids benefit from children’s dentistry?

Children develop baby teeth as early as six months old and begin losing their first set of teeth around age six or seven. Soon after, their permanent — or adult — teeth start coming in.

If your child doesn’t receive comprehensive dental care through all stages of childhood, they face a higher risk of oral health problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Dr. Dike can help your child build good habits, including teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques in an engaging way that will make your child enjoy taking care of their teeth.

If you’d like your child to start seeing a qualified, skilled dentist so they can get a jump start on their oral health, call or schedule an appointment online today.